Date: Sat 02/01/03 08:58AM
From: Brittany

Message: Well I find this to be a very akward situation for myself in, but I heard of Tyler's accident and followed the story.I heard of the web page and decided to give it a visit. Its the weirdest thing because I never knew Tyler, but as I read the many memories and letters written to the Eicholtz family I find myself crying like he was my best friend. I really wish I could have been blessed by knowing him, but thats not the hand I was dealt. My deepest condolences go out to the Eicholtz family and all that knew Tyler. Your in my prayers. I now find myself wanting to say God Bless You, but you already were just by having him in your life. You were all very lucky to know an angel of god.


Date: Tue 01/30/03 10:56PM
From: Tonya

Message: I didn't know Tyler as I would have loved to gotten to home him in a better way then this. The thought of someone like Tyler to be gone from anyone is pain no one should have to feel. From reading all the memories friends and families have shown truly shows how much Tyler was and still is loved. Reading all the memories on the site I fell like I have know Tyler my whole life. He was a very loving,caring,outgoing, and just down to earth guy. Knowing how much he cared for people and helped them just to get a smile from them in return is what he probably worked for the most.. I my self had felt the pain of losing a friends and a loved one is something I know I never want to feel again and I don't want anyone else to go through. Something like this will never go but will always stick out in everyone minds till the end of time. I want to send my thought and prayers to the Eicholtz family and to friends. I hope you will always remember Tyler for he is and how he lived life to its fullest cause I know I will and I never got to meet him. Tyler may you rest in peace and watch over everyone that's was involved in everything. Take care up there Tyler.

In loving memory of a great kid. Tyler Eicholtz

May you rest in peace and may you never be forgotten.

Aurora, Colorado

Date: Thu 01/30/03 08:45AM
From: Lauren Page

Message: As I emailed my mother explaining a death of a young woman at my
College, my mother responded that she also had some sad news. She
told me that an 18 year old boy from North died in an accident. My heart
broke right there. I knew I knew the person. You don't graduated from a
school the size of Fargo North with out have knowledge of the students
there and chances are that you know them rather well. Finding out that
that the young man was Tyler devastated me.
Tyler and I were better than acquaintances but not great friends. We
occasionally ended up at the same place and would talk in school. I had
a class one with Tyler. He was a very charming young man. His smile
drew me in. I had the biggest crush on him. In addition to his gorgeous
true smile was this captivating and charismatic attitude.
Why??? Why?? I asked my mom these questions. With a very level head
my mother answered me the best way that she could tell her 18 year old
daughter. She told me it was a tragedy and that know one was to blame.
I had to just treasure his life and know that he was just being an 18 year
old boy. I had to think about how this could happen to anyone. It was
exactly that, a tragedy, an accident.
This displacement seems some what scary. It reminds me that a tragedy
can happen anywhere with anyone. I don't have experience with death.
Until last year death seemed like something that would not happen to
anyone that I knew ever. I was untouchable. I now understand that I am
not, but I do know that I am paying attention and telling the people I love,
that I love them. I am trying to understand people and just watch them
when they are happy and I am trying to soak up every bit of there
personalities. This is a very valuable lesson for me.
To Tyler's family and friends, my deepest apologizes. I don't know his family
very well, but I at least know his friends. I wish I wasn't stuck in the
middle of Iowa and could be with all of you. Even though I am at college
and not around, I would like to give you all hugs. I would like to tell you
that you must all be very strong courageous people.
Lauren Page

Date: Thu 01/30/03 04:49AM
From: Sarah Handy

Message: Hi Everyone,
I've read just about all the memories on this site for Tyler. And it saddens me that I never got too know him, he sounded like such a great friend, son, brother, boyfriend, teammate, and just an all around great guy. I don't live in Fargo, I live really far away in Rhode Island, however I have a friend Sammi in Fargo who goes to the same school that Tyler attended. We were talking one night and she told me what happened and she gave me the website address and I went too it. I couldn't believe what happened, I didn't even know him or his family and it got me teary eyed, I am a very emotional person and too learn that a great young man like that passed away it is very sad. I guess just learning that one of your fellow americans passed away it is hard whether you knew them or not. I don't live there but I wish I could have gotten to know Tyler after learning so much about him and hearing many stories, I would have loved to have a friend like him. So caring, willing to help anyone in a time of need and just a funny guy with a great smile. The tribute site for Tyler was definitely a great idea I have to say that. I'm sure it has helped a lot of people. His death has made me realize too appreciate life so much more and live it too the fullest because you never know what tomorrow might bring. I send all my prayers to the Eicholtz family, other relatives, his girlfriend, friends, teammates and anyone else that knew Tyler. He is in good hands and happy I'm sure. You will all see him again one day and he is watching over all of you. I will look forward too hopefully meeting Tyler in heaven one day.

R.I.P Tyler

Sarah Handy
Providence, Rhode Island

Date: Tue 01/28/03 01:14AM
From: Megan Birrenkott

Message: I never knew Tyler, but after reading all of the messages on this, I have come to realize a great person he was. I can not even begin to imagine how his family and friends must feel, but just know that God is with you and that he only takes the best. I have read that he is best known for his quick wit, his smile, his compassion for others, and his loud truck. He seems like he was a great person and I am sad that I was not privlaged to know him. My deepest sympathy to the whole Eicholtz family...Steve, Lisa, Erin, and his girlfriend, Cara--you were a lucky girl. And also, to all his close friends and relatives.

~With Love Always~
~*Megan Birrenkott*~

Date: Mon 01/27/03 23:54PM
From: Tonya Foster

Message: Eicholtz Family and Friends,
I never got to know Tyler but my friend Amber did. Tyler seems like a good kid that will be missed dearly by many.I have heard many story's about the accident and though myself that no one like Tyler could be gone. I would have loved to got to know Tyler as he sounds like a great kid and person. I know how hard it is to lose a friend let alone the one thing that meant the world to you and many more.This poem I wrote the night I heard about the accident on the news and a few days later from Amber. I don't live anywhere near Fargo but live in Colorado and my thoughts and prayers are with your family and with those who close to Tyler.

He Walks Among Us.
By: Tonya Foster

May your son rest in peace and let him know
He will be missed by many,
Which many he will not know.
May your family and you be comforted
by friends and bless the many years you got to spend.
May you never forget the number one son in which you
will carry on,but life must go on.
The years to come will be rocky and hard
but the memories you have will guide you along.
Thought he wasn't around as long as he should have.
The years he was,were spent very well.
He will never be forgotten by many.
He will be loved forever by more.
He is in a happy place with people he knows
but he will never forget the one's he left below,
but when the time comes you will be together
as one just like before.

Date: Mon 01/27/03 21:47PM
From: Molly Herzog

Message: Reading through all these memories I realize how many lives Tyler touched through his 18 years.I know he touched mine in so many ways. I grew up with Ty and have so many awesome memories that I don't even know where to start. I remember 2nd grade and Tyler's big glasses and always making trouble of some kind. I remember when Eicholtz's moved and they became my neighbors. That was one of the best summers I have ever had. We had so much fun and so many memories. Through Jr. High, Tyler always seemed to make an appearance in my life. I remember him always at the Raider Hockey games, usually being the only male Jr. High fan. I remember 9th grade History class, driving Miss Smith crazy. But, I guess my favorite memories are from this year. Tyler and I had 4 classes together and he made each one so fun. I will never forget him doing aerobics rountines and continuously telling us to breathe. Spanish class isn't the same without him. He found a way every day to make us laugh. Tyler had such a way with all his teachers. I have never seen a teacher get mad at Ty.
I will never forget Tyler's love of life. His favorite thing to say to me was, "C'mon Molly, live a little. It's high school." His smile, kind spirit and love of life and others will be with me forever. My prayers and thoughts go out to Steve, Lisa, Erin, Cara and everyone else who's lives were touched by Ty.
Tyler- I know right now, you are hitting homeruns with the stars. I'll never forget you. I know you are watching over us every day. I love you buddy.

My Love Always,
Molly Herzog

Date: Mon 01/27/03 08:11AM
From: Jill Kent

Message: I did not know this lovely young man, but was very touched and saddened
by his story. As a mother of six, four of whom are sons, I have great
empathy for his parents and family.
Please convey my deepest condolences to his family. Having son recently
deployed to the Middle East, the fragility of life is ever present in my

With deepest sympathy,

Jill Kent
Moorhead, MN

Date: Mon 01/27/03 07:25AM
From: Matt Sommerfeld

Message: I've gone to school with and played baseball with or against Ty since we were 12 or 13. The thing I remember most about him is he was the ideal friend and teammate. If you were in a tough situation, he would do everything in his power to help you out. If he was on the bench during a baseball game, no one would be cheering louder. We've had a lot of great memories on and off the field. I just feel so bad that Tyler wasn't able to play his senior year of baseball, a season he was looking forward to and worked so hard for. Sometimes, life isn't fair, but Tyler's in a better place now. We will all miss you and your antics.
Deepest sympathies to Steven, Lisa, and Erin.

Matt Sommerfeld

Date: Sun 01/26/03 21:27PM
From: Anonymous

Message: i never knew tyler. the only way i remember him is seeing him at some of cara's summer soccer games. he seemed like an amazing kid and i wished i would have gotton to know him. when i heard the news, it seemed like such a shock to me because i knew of tyler. my deepest sorrows go to the eicholtz family. to cara- remember the times we would share stories about chris and tyler? i remember how you were so happy all of the time. how you said he made you feel so special by buying you flowers, or tucking you in at night, or just being with you. i hope you remember that feeling through out your whole life and know that he is still with you always. if you ever need anything, please know that i am here.