Date: Tue 04/08/03 08:09AM
From: Kathy Stigman

From Kathy Stigman, Principal at Longfellow Elementary School

On behalf of the teachers and staff at Longfellow Elementary School I would like to express our sincere condolences regarding Tyler's accidental death last Wenesday evening. Please know that we have been in a state of shock and sadness about Tyler's death and we have kept him, his wonderful parents, Lisa and Steve, and delightful sister, Erin, his extended family, and all of his friends in our thoughts and prayers.The startling fact for all of us is that children and young adults are not supposed to die before establishing themselves as adults...not not before they have had the opportunity to explore career possibilities and obtain the necessary education and training for future occupations...not before they find a lifelong partner to share their future and possibly have children of their own...and certainly not before their grandparents or parents.

Both Tyler and his sister, Erin, were so very well-mannered and respectful of the adults with whom they worked at Longfellow School. This is truly a reflection about how they were raised by their parents. The Longfellow staff knew that Lisa and Steve held their children at the "center of their universe." This was reflected by how actively these parents were involved in their children's education and activities.

Tyler's former teachers at Longfellow School remember him as being a well-rounded student...the kind of child every parent would like to raise...and the kind of student every teacher would like to have in his or her classroom. Tyler was very bright and worked hard to be a responsible student in terms of his studies. The wide range of wonderful activities that his parents exposed him to allowed him to enrich classroom discussions on almost any topic.

And how do you talk about Tyler without remembering his great "zest" for life and living? He was always in the "thick" of all manner of activities, "spicing" them up with his high energy, great sense of humor, his wit, and enthusiasm. He was very well liked by all of his peers, and all of the staff at Longfellow Elementary School!

No, Tyler was not perfect but he didn't need to be perfect. However, the Longfellow staff will always remember Tyler as being "practically perfect" in every way. He will live on in our memories forever!

Kathy Stigman

Date: Sat 03/15/03 21:54PM
From: Amy

Message: Hi, my name is Amy Currier. I knew Tyler since I was really little. We attended the same day care together. At day care, we were eating our usual lunch (mac & cheese) and Tyler said that he was a secret spy. He began to tell me all of the missions he had been on and what was coming up. Now back then I probably just said "Your lying. I'm going to tell." But now as I'm older, it is one memory that I'll never forget. So many memories of Tyler it's hard to know which one to tell about. Erin, Lisa, Steve, and my family just recently went to Mexico together. All the GREAT memories about Tyler were all shared around dinner tables, the pool, and just walking around. I will always remember Ty by his saggy pants, loud truck, his smile, and how he always was checking up on Erin if she had a boy over. He could always bring a smile out of everybody when he entered the room. I am glad I got to know Tyler. He will never be forgotten. Eicholtz's my prayers and thoughts are with you all. But do remember that God does have a plan for all of us. Love you all.


Date: Thu 03/06/03 08:44AM
From: Cassie

Message: I was never real close to Ty, and the last time I had a class with him was probably Spanish class our freshman year. Fortunately enough, he had Art class the same hour as I did first semester. We didn't have the same class but we would always walk back and forth between the two, because everyone shared supplies. It was so wierd because at the beginning of the school year I had a little accident and cut my finger and a few weeks later Ty was digging through the glass for a mosaic and he cut himself too. I happend to be right there, and Mr. B told me to get away, because I had fainted from my cut so I was NOT to be looking at his! Just that one little incident gave us something to have a conversation about for the first time in I don't know how long. So it may sound kind of wierd, but I'm kind of glad we both cut our finger, because we Ty passed away it gave me a little closure to know that I had gotten the chance to talk to him one last time, just a few days before the accident. The odd thing about this is, Ty was my neighbor just a few houses down, and almost every morning I would meet up with him on the street on the way to school. Even though we were neighbors, we hardly ever talked. It just makes you realize how important it is to say hi to someone,instead of just walking by, because you don't know if that'll be the last time you'll get to see him. Now, every morning that I drive past his house on my way to school, I wish that he could be pulling out of his driveway just once more, and give me that little head knod that guys give instead of waving, and I know that one day I will get to see him again in heaven. Ty, I'm sorry that I was not able to be closer to you, but I know we'll have all the time in the world to get to know one another someday! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

God Bless,

Date: Thu 02/27/03 15:26PM



Date: Sat 02/22/03 13:14PM
From: Laura Narum

Message: I dont remember Tyler but I went to school with him at
Longfellow. I dont remember him really, but I have no bad
memories from Fargo. He also went to my church. Im sorry
for your loss, and I know it is hard but we can all get
through it. God Bless and Peace

Laura Narum

Date: Sat 02/22/03 10:32AM
From: Anonymous

Message: I did not know Tyler at all, but his story caught my attention over the last few days. I graduated from Fargo South a couple of years ago. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and Fargo North students/faculty. You will all be in my prayers.

God Bless

Date: Fri 02/14/03 05:24AM
From: Cameron Ramberg

Message: my name is Cameron Ramberg. My dad's name is Todd Ramberg i know he worked with Steve for a period of time. When i first herd about ur son i couldnt emagine the pain that your family could have been feeling. I cant really do anything to bring Tyler back but i just wanted to say im sorry about what happened and im really sorry Tyler had to leave you like that.
I hope your family can find a way to confort yourselves and try move on...I know it might be hard but im sure Tyler will always be with you

Cameron Ramberg

Date: Fri 02/14/03 08:16AM
From: Crawford

Message: Well, Ty...

It was my official first day as a substitute teacher. And it was my first
day in 5th period with you not there. It was so quiet.

You did a great job preparing me to come back "as a real teacher". I just
always thought that when I went back to sub, you'd be the first one to
harrass me. I will never forget the smirk on your face when you said,
"Crawford...aren't you glad you have me to practice on? Just think, what
if you get someone just like me?" And the whole class would laugh when I'd
say, "Tyler...there will NEVER be anyone just like you!" And...there won't.

It was so hard to walk into that classroom and start class today. I waited
an extra three minutes for you to come strollin' in...pants half-way-down
around your ankles...Lipton tea bottle in one hand. But the usual, "Hey,
Crawford...I gotta go to my locker" didn't come when the bell rang. Do you
know they keep a bottle of tea and some Starbursts in the room...just for

The hardest part today, is where I'd usually tell Mrs. Bergh at lunch,
"Alright...I gotta go mentally prepare for Tyler...I mean...Tyler's class"
I got such a charge out of you, Ty. And watching you and Mrs. Bergh made us
laugh so hard. She thought the world of you. You have a way not only with
your classmates, but with teachers/student teachers. I will never forget
the day I was giving you so much grief about not doing your homework...and
you belted out something along the lines of, "Come on, Hitler! The Germans
left a long time ago!"

My favorite conversation with you was one about where you were going to go
to college. I laughed so hard when I found out that your criteria for
choosing a University had NOTHING to do with academics.

I remember parent-teacher conferences, and you telling me how much I would
like your Mom, because she was so "cool". You were so proud. And I must
say I have never met anyone who was so proud of their little sister. "She's
a good kid...she's not like me", you'd say. were wrong, Ty. You
are a GREAT kid, a great person, with a great smile, and under that macho
attitude...a great heart.

We miss you Tyler.

Date: Thu 02/13/03 06:37AM
From: Molly Olson

Message: I cant say I was one of Tyler's closest friends or even friends with him at all, but I did have classes with him in jr. high and high school. Tyler was one of those people you never saw having a bad day. I always saw him smiling or having a little grin on his face. From what i seen of him in school, he was an all around great guy. I couldn't believe it when i heard the news about the accident. I was in total shock that such a great person was taken away, and all i could ask was why? Tyler touched my heart and the heart of many others. There isnt a day that goes by that i dont think about him, his family and his friends he left behind. My heart and prayers are with Steve, Lisa, Erin, all of Tylers family, and his friends. Just have faith in God and cherish the memories, and one day we all will see Tyler again.

A golden heart stopped beating
Two smiling eyes were laid to rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only wants our best.

You wished no one farewell
Nor even said goodbye,
You were gone before we knew it
And only God knows why.

A thousand prayers wont bring you back,
We know because we tried,
Neither will a million tears,
We know because we cried.

Its lonely here without you, Tyler
We miss you more each day.
For life is not the same
Since you have gone away
To love a son, brother, friend, and then
to part
Is the greatest trial to a human heart,

If tears could build a stairway
And a heartache build a lane,
We'd walk the path to heaven, Tyler
Just to bring you home again.

The face we love is missing
The voice we love is still
A place is vacant in our hearts
And never can be filled.

They say memories are golden,
Well, maybe this is true,
We never wanted memories
We only wanted you.

Our family chain is broken
And nothing is the same,
But as God calls us one by one
The chain will link again

My heart goes out to all of you,
Molly Olson

Date: Wed 02/12/03 18:14PM
From: Ashley Winzenburg

Message: My brother and I had the pleasure of growing up with Tyler and Erin from a very young age and up through our days at North(Ty was a sophomore when I was a senior). I have so many wonderful memories of the times we spent together, but one of my favorite memories occured just a few years ago at a party over at Sommerfeld's house the summer after I graduated. We somehow always ended up hanging out with those boys because so many of my friends were dating his friends at the time. Tyler and I ended up downstairs talking about our younger years at Longfellow and Ben Franklin...and we ended up talking about Erin (for over an hour!!). He kept telling me all of these wonderful stories of her, he was so proud of who she was becoming and the choices she had made in her life so far. It made me smile to see what a loving brother he was to her and I told him how lucky they were to have such a good relationship, which made him smile~that gorgeous smile we all know and love. Tyler was such a genuine and amazing young man and I'm so glad I was blessed to know him. Erin, I hope you find comfort in these words...that conversation me a lot to Tyler and I thought it selfish not to share it with you. Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers. We miss and love you Tyler, keep watching out for those you love.

-Ashley Winzenburg