Date: Sat 01/24/04 10:35PM
From: Anonymous

Message: Tyler,
I just want you to know that you aren't being forgotten right now in this difficult time. I want you to know that people are thinking about you and looking to you for strength. It's hard not to compare this year to last year... but it is just so close together. There are so many sad people. It's really hard to lose a great person. Be with us.

Please look over the Swart & Kuebler families. And I know you will continue to look over your family too because I'm sure they are struggling right now.

Most of all, guide Adam's way to where you are & look after him. Be our angels.
We miss you & love you both.

P.S. Thanks for helping us that one night. I know it was you.

Date: Wed 01/14/04 8:16AM
From: Tom Bridgeford

Message: Whats up Ty?

How are things going up there? I'm sure the weather is a little nicer there than it is here, it has been really cold lately. Well, today marks the one year anniversary since we lost you, but you know what, it doesn't really seem like you have left us. I know that you have been here watching over us all the time. Me, Matt, Nick, and Zac are up at UND and all live on the same floor in our dorm. We are enjoying it so far, but can only imagine what it would be like to have you here with us. All the good times we have had would have only been better with you here. But, it is comforting to know that you are in a better place and always helping us out down here when we need it. You will forever be in my heart and mind, and I can't wait for the day that I see you again. See you when I get there. Later buddy.

Tom Bridgeford

(hey if you see my Grandma and Grandpa Moe up there, you wanna say hi for me. And if you see 2Pac, give him a whats up. Thanks buddy.)

Date: Fri 10/31/03 2:24AM
From: Danny Irmen

Message: I just wanted to say happybirthday to Tyler, I always remember getting in my costume and riding my bike down the block to bob for apples. We played the University of Denver on Halloween and I thought it was preaty special becasue i scored my first goal at our home rink, and i know that Tyler had something to do with it!!
Danny Irmen

Date: Thu 10/30/03 9:58PM
From: Bev C

Message: Happy Birthday Tyler! Last night at the North/South Volleyball game ( NORTH WON! ) the fans were dressed in hunting clothing, in memory of YOU since today is your birthday. But you already knew that because you were there with them.......
You are thought of every day and missed so much.
Bev C

Date: Thu 10/30/03 7:32AM
From: Derek Warkenthien

Message: Tyler was a good friend of mine. I went to Longfellow elementary with him.
He was a grade above me and was a class mate and friend of my brother.
Tyler and I always hung out, if we werent having homerun derbies at the
softball field, or riding around on our bikes, or in the Trollwood park or
roamin around the golf course behind his house, we were doing something
together. After I got out of Elemetary school me and my family moved to
Valdez , Alaska where my mother is now the school counselor. I can still
remember the days of playin ditch at ryans grinakers house with me, maloney,
ty and roman green. Those were the best days of my life. After I moved
away I kind of lost touch with all of those guys, and came back 2 years
after I moved and visited Fargo, i didnt get to see many friends but Tyler
and the Boyz rolled over in his truck to the days inn and saw me and my
brother Dylan. That ment a lot, seeing them again, that was the last time I
ever saw Ty. I will always Remember you Tyler! I love you man!

Your Bro,

Derek Warkenthien
Valdez, Alaska

Date: Fri 10/10/03 2:50PM
From: Elouise, Luke, Belle, & Jack

Message: I don't know just how many times I have sat down to try to put down a few words to send to Tyler's family. Each time I do, I find myself deleting everything in frustration, knowing that nothing, not a single word, will make the slightest dent in helping or changing anything. But even knowing that, I, and obviously so many before me, still feel compelled to try to offer something.

Steve, Lisa, and Erin; a whole lot has changed between the first time we met you and this most recent visit. No-one knows what happens behind your closed doors, and what thoughts must go through your minds every day, but there is a strength in all of you that we hope you will cling tight to. That huge Life Energy Tyler had, it's not gone, he left it there with the 3 of you. Your whole house is full of it. You, who loved him most dearly, obviously pay the highest price in losing him every day. Whereas we, your extended friends, aquantances, sympathising strangers; we can all sit back and mourn for your loss, and have our hearts ache for you, and try to imagine "what if".
But it's you who have to survive this every day, and despite it all you still find something in you to share with those around you. I guess that's all I really am meaning to say; that your natures, the way you are with people, the things you do and especially the way you share your son and his legacy; those things do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. You have left your mark on many, many people, and while it may not be for the reasons you would ever have imagined or wished for, it is a profound mark nonetheless.

We just wanted to say 'thanks', and we're so sorry that Tyler had to go...

Elouise and Luke (and of course, Belle and Jack)

Date: Sat 10/04/03 9:24AM
From: Marilyn & Jenna

Message: just wanted you to know

that even after all these years
my daughter went to preschool "Edgewood Preschool" with Tyler back in the late part of the 80s. what a sweet young man he was and a little shy.
My daughter and I (Jenna and Marilyn Nystrom) would like to send our hearts and prayers to his family. His mom was a very neat lady for letting come to Jenna's 3 year old Birthday party at the old and very cold McDonald's on North Broadway.
We have moved to South Dakota and have lost touch a little.

God Bless
marilyn and jenna

Date: Sun 07/27/03 00:54AM
From: Jeff Eisert

Message: Well It's taken alot of courage and reading to finally express myself about what I thought of Tyler. I didn't know Tyler at all, but I knew one of his best friends. I'm a fellow snowmobiler, and I've always been scared that someone would fall through that very spot. The weekend before the accident happened, my uncle and I were sledding through that exact spot, we saw it was open water and immediately stopped before we hit it. You don't know how many times a day I think about the accident, and realize how it could have been me. A few days after the accident, I went sledding with my uncle again at night. All of a sudden I felt bump bump bump bump, and I realized we were at the resting spot of Tyler Eicholtz. I started to cry, and I didn't even know Tyler. It was the most ere feeling. I felt so bad. As I'm typing this, I actually am crying and thinking of him. Every time I get on a sled from now on, I'll think - Tyler Eicholtz - and pray for the Eicholtz family. And you Tyler, I'll see ya soon.

Jeff Eisert,
Fargo, North Dakota

Date: Thu 07/03/03 01:46AM
From: Meredith Olson

Message: Tyler~

Why does it feel like you were here walking on earth yesterday? A few days ago, Jeremy and I were sitting at the Legion game, and a comforting gust of wind blew through the entire stadium. Everywhere I go, especially at games, why does every gust of wind feel like you are right beside us? When I stand at your beautiful grave, I feel as if you were right over my shoulder. I think of you every single day.
If God has achieved anything through your passing, He has improved my quality of life. Realizing that your spirit is resting with the angels has put my life into perspective. I am trying to live each day as if it were my last. I tell people around me that I love them constantly. I am just trying my hardest to enjoy life and its riches. Even more now, I want to be a neonatologist and save the lives of infants. Even more now, I want to become something. And somewhere in there, I wonder if you are enjoying the majesty of heaven. Just the thought of you and how lucky I am to have known you still brings tears to my eyes. We miss you dearly. But now we will live through you.
I will always believe that some things do happen for a reason. Even after seeing how much your family aches to see you again, I feel that you were taken for a greater purpose. In eighteen short years, you have achieved great things. Your footprints are imbedded in the lives of those you left here on earth. Keep shining down on those who love you, and please let the sudden gusts blow to keep me believing that you are near. I will always look to you in the stars.

Love Forever,
Meredith Olson
(MJ to you)

P.S. If you could do me just one thing, Tyler? I miss my grandma very much. Tell her that and that I love her. She was an incredible woman with a huge, contagious laugh- I'm sure you'll get along great.

Date: Thu 03/06/03 02:21AM
From: Anonymous

Message: Well Tyler I went out hunting for the 6th weekend this spring for snowgeese. Our first hunt we did was in tribute of you and we put out 1200 decoys, man you should have been there. Well we ended up shooting 150 snowgeese this spring, ever morning I thought of you while I pulled out decoys from your trailer. Man you will not believe how much stuff we had stacked in there it was unbelievable.. As I was sitting in my blind this past weekend I just sat there and thought of all the great times we had. With the scream of snow geese exploding from there roost and approaching our decoy spread I just had that feeling you were right beside me, as you would know it we shot 52 birds that morning and I knew you were talking to the goose gods for use. Thanks buddy.
I wish Nick would have called me this spring to hunt with use but he must have been busy.
To the whole Eicholtz family my thoughts and prayers go out to you guys every day. Steve don't feel shy to give me a call so we can head out and shoot some birds this up coming fall.
Tyler there is not a day that goes by that Im not thinking about you.
You know my moto "It Flies, it dies"
Love your buddy Tyler.