Date: Sun 01/26/03 08:45AM
From: Noreen

Message: I do not know the Eicholtz family personally, but am a member of the same church. I was away (in South Carolina) when I learned of the tragic incident that happened back truly caused all to stop and reflect a prayer to those suffering the loss. As a mother myself, one is never ready to lose a child. I am a nurse and a massage therapist and would like to offer a listening ear or comforting touch. I have an office in south Fargo...Family Centered Massage. This website was an ingenius blessing and source of support and comfort to many....unbelievable!
God bless you!

Date: Sun 01/26/03 07:54AM
From: Matt's Mom

Message: I am the mother of a very close friend of Tyler's. I have sat with my son and tried to answer the unanswerable question of why???? Only to be hopelessly lost and explain there is no answer. As Steve, Lisa and Erin's lives have changed, so has ours...but on so much a lesser level...but, so we are changed. Tyler was a good friend: and to honor that friendship, I "breathe" towards my son and say just know what you know and trust. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Tyler will never be forgotten, nor will you. God bless! I know there is no answer for this tragedy, but please know you are never alone! May peace and comfort be with you always.

Love you Tyler!

Matt's mom

Date: Sun 01/26/03 02:24AM
From: Lindsey Anderson

Message: Like everyone has said Tyler will never be forgotten he will live on through his family, friends, and all the memories we are blessed to have been given to us by him. One such day that sticks out in my mind of Tyler was when we were in the fifth and sixth grade combination class at Longfellow together. One night before school I was playing around and I stuck a cup around my mouth and it made a bruise on my chin. The next day at school I was having a tough time explaining it and was being accused of getting a hickie. All the while Tyler was caring enough to ask if I was ok. He was always there to make you feel better if you were down. He will always be remembered as the boy with the smile, quick wit, and loud truck. There was so much more and I feel so lucky to have known him even though we weren't friends. My heart goes out to Tyler's family, and Cara who if I was in her place I could not imagine how much pain she is going through.

Lindsey Anderson

Date: Sun 01/26/03 01:57AM
From: Cheryl Minar Lucero

Message: I want the Eicholtz family know that Tyler was a very special person and I always enjoyed him at my house- one of my fondest memories of Tyler is that he was one of the first boys in the group to get a truck and cell phone- Tyler would show up at my house and I could hear his truck outside running- he would then call and ask for Jaden- i would ask Tyler why he just did not come to the door and get Jaden and his response would be that is why he had the cell phone- he did not have to get out and could just call from the driveway- i would tease him about being to lazy to walk up to the door- he always would just laugh- i have very fond memories of him playing basketball at my house with the boys and coming to the soccer and hockey games-he will truly be missed and I am so glad that Jaden had a friend like Ty- Steve and Lisa- you have done a wonderful job raising a special son- my heart goes out to you both, Erin and Cara-

Cheryl Minar Lucero

Date: Sat 01/25/03 23:22PM
From: Chris Daly

Message: ~Tyler, i didnt know you or your family that well but i do know how many people loved you and miss you. and somehow i feel that you have been a part of me all my over erin , and your whole family. im praying for you and your family every night. i will think of you every time i walk outside, everytime i breath , every time i feel the wind brush against my legs, i will think of you for the rest of my life, tyler. please take care. tell everyone up there hi, i will see you sometime, somewhere in another world so beautiful and peaceful. love you. take care. watch over us.~

Date: Fri 01/24/03 22:27PM
From: Anonymous

Message: Hello to you, i didn't know Tyler .... but his story really touched me. I am a snowmobiler myself and i know why he loved it so much. I really can't explain my feelings but i just wanted to say that i will always remember what happened and that hes in good hands.

Date: Fri 01/24/03 08:54AM
From: Anonymous

Message: I played baseball with Tyler. He was such a great kid, never quitting. He had a great heart, everyone around him would feed off of it and try their hardest. I was so privelaged to have known him through the sport he loved.

Date: Thu 01/23/03 08:33AM
From: Julie McCroskey

Message: My son Matt was close friends with Tyler. Tyler was everything you would want to see in a young man. He was kind, caring, considerate, loyal, positive, respectful, humorous, hardworking, and a true friend in every sense of the word. Whatever you needed, Tyler was there no matter what time of the day or night. He had charisma and made an impact on people. He made more of a difference in his 18 years than most people do in a lifetime.

My gratitude to Lisa and Steve for creating and raising this young man. He has been a gift to us all! I know now that Tyler got his strength, courage, love for family and friends, and dignity from Lisa and Steve.

I will always remember Tyler for his smile, humor, and love of people. He enjoyed life! He embraced it! He was a person who made us all have a better day simply due to his presence in our lives.

I will miss him greatly and my heartfelt sympathy to Steve, Lisa, Erin, his family and many friends. Tyler, you will never be forgotten.

Julie McCroskey

Date: Thu 01/23/03 06:54AM
From: Cleve & Debbie Johnson

Message: To Tyler's family and friends
This is a hard message to write, as I too have a young son but
I cannot even imagine what you are going through now. Both
my husband and I watched the news for those couple of days and
were both very saddened by this tragic accident.
I almost lost my son two years ago to a ruptured appendix, and
it completely changed my view of my relationship with him. Life is
so short.
You must cherish the times you had with Tyler, although short, but
the memories are what will keep you going during this very difficult
I know this probably isn't much but just to let you know that our
thoughts and prayers are with you.

Cleve and Debbie Johnson
Fargo, ND

Date: Thu 01/23/03 05:54AM
From: Katie Hartje

Message: Tyler,
Even though we were not very close I now deeply regret taking the chance to get to know you better for granted. Even though we only shared a few classes and a couple smiles as we passed in the hallway you have left me with many unforgettable memories and great lessons. I remember watching you walk into first semester Algebra 2 when we were juniors with a bagel and some juice in the back pocket of your jeans as your excuse for being a few minutes late almost every other day. I remember everyday in that class I watched you aim and chuck markers at the front wall hoping they would land on the top ledge of the whiteboard, being so mad when you missed (which happened most of the time) and freaking out when you actually landed one. Even then I knew I was lucky that you sat in front of me the whole semester. Then I thought I was lucky because you were always willing to help me with my assignment, but now I know I was much luckier than that because it was my chance to get to know you. I remember you were one of the first people I talked to right after the September 11th attacks. We weren't sure yet exactly what was going on but I'll never forget the things you said. I also miss hearing you complain about staying in the tanning bed a little too long and being burnt. I miss your great snurffing wipeout stories. I still expect to see you walk into the classroom, pass me in the hall, and hear your truck in the morning like I did everyday. As we have talked about before, I was born only one day before you. Now more than ever I realize how precious life truly is and how important relationships with each other and especially God really are.
I found a quote that makes me think of you. "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.'"
I really think that you spent everyday using up all that talent God blessed you with and that God loves you so much for it. It showed in how you brought out the best in everyone. You have not only been the reason for many tears this past week and for the years to come but you have also been the reason for many giggles and smiles as we remember you. Your talents in making people laugh, being so selfless by helping others, being able to find the fun in any situation, sports, school, being an awesome Spartan fan, and now by leaving a life lasting impression on so many people.
I will be heartbroken not to see you walk across that stage to get your diploma with us, not running for your dreams next year along with the rest of us. You won't be helping me solve that matrix with your tongue sticking out the corner of your mouth again. But I can't wait to see you again, give you a hug, and thank you. I thank God that I had the opportunity to know and love you. I knew from the start you had a caring soul and an amazing heart. Everything has happened so quickly but I am certain God was always watching over you. I'll be praying for you always. Don't have too much fun up there without us. Good thing you don't need a belt to get into heaven, huh Ty?
You'll always be in my heart and in my prayers. I know you'll be watching over us and I will never forget you. I love you Tyler.
Katie Hartje