Date: Tue 11/01/05 8:46AM
From: Kris

Message: Happy 21st Birthday and Happy Halloween Tyler!!!

P.S. Don't worry Molly, Hanish and I are keeping an eye on Erin. She's doing great here.


Date: Fri 12/30/05 11:44AM
From: Amy Currier

Message: Hey Ty,

Just wanted to tell you that your family is simply amazing. I was lucky enough to be with Steve, Lisa, Erin, and Drew on Erin's birthday and they are the nicest people I know. I know you must be so proud of Erin as she is doing so well in school and shining star in dance and an all around great person. She has that big smile just like you do and it is really nice to see it again. Although things will never be the same without you, I can tell that you are looking out for them and guiding them down the right road. Continue to look after them and shine your light through them. Miss you Tyler.

Amy Currier

Date: Mon 01/16/06 8:24AM
From: PatF

Message: Steve, Lisa and Erin,

I can't believe its already been three years since Tyler died. The time seems like it's gone fast and yet it's dragged by, too.

Whenever I think of him, I think of when he was born, the shower I had for you with all of the Super Valu bunch, the time spent at your house just being around him and the last time I really spent time with him when I
stayed at your house with him and Erin. I really enjoyed seeing what wonderful young people they have grown up to be.

Just know that I'm thinking of you today, January 15, 2006.

You all are in my thoughts and prayers.



Date: Tue 09/7/10 11:03PM
From: Jeff Eisert

Message: Just out at wildrice tonight and thought I'd sign back in and say I've never forgot about the accident. Hope all is goin well up there and I'll see ya soon.
-Jeff Eisert

Date: Sat 01/15/11 4:33PM
From: Pat Anderson

Message: Steve, Lisa and Erin,

As always, this day brings many memories of Tyler. He's held a special place in my heart since the day he was born.

May you all have warm and fuzzy feelings of all the wonderful memories you had with him during his short life.

God be with all of you as you honor Tyler on the anniversary of his death.

Love and warm hug,


Date: Mon 03/14/11 3:26AM
From: Travis Eicholtz

Message: I just happened to google my last name, and it came back with this. Im sorry for your lose, i know it been 7 years since the accident, but I hope your staying strong. RIP Tyler

Date: Mon 10/31/11 8:17PM
From: Jaden Minar

Message: Happy Birthday old friend. Keep swinging for the fences. I'm sure, even at 27, we'd still be "snurfing" behind your truck this winter. Miss you buddy.

Date: Sun 01/15/12 6:50PM
From: Bev
Email: Christopherson

Message: Katie reminds me every year, when it is Tyler's birthday and the anniversary of his passing. Today is a sad day for her, which is a reflection to me, how lucky I am to have her every day. Blessing to Tylers family on this very sad day.

Bev Christopherson

Date: Tue 01/15/13 4:38AM
From: Pat Anderson

Message: Thinking of all of you on this day of remembering Tyler. It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years since he was taken from this earth too soon. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in celebration of a great young man. Love and hugs.